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I just thought that I'd update everyone on my walk's progress so far. First of all, we are having a fundraiser/"kick-off" ball tournament on Saturday, June 1st and this is my invitation to all of my facebook friends to come on out! It's going to be at Rozon Park in Williamstown. Even if you can't play, please come and see me and have a burger and a beer. It will lots of fun! Second, I was interviewed for an article in the Glengarry News today. I'm not sure when it's going to be published, but look for it in the next week or two. This will be great publicity for the walk. Lastly, one of the big organizing challenges that we are facing is the fact that we need an RV (motorhome). The idea is that Rob will be following me at a breathtaking 5 km/h (haha). We looked into renting one but they are ridiculously priced (over $1,500.00 per week!!). So, we are searching everywhere for a kind soul is owns an RV, is not using it for the month of July and would be willing to donate it for a worthy cause. We promise that it will be very gently used. All we need is a bed, a shower and a stove. If you know of someone, please let me know. 

Thanks everyone. I'll be posting again soon.
04/24/2013 4:47pm

Testing the comments section.

04/25/2013 3:57am

I do not have an RV, but I will be at the ball tournament. Can we donate online?

04/25/2013 3:08pm

You will be able to in about a week. (CMHA) Canadian Mental Health Association is setting up a link attached to this site. Can't wait to see you at the ball tournament

05/03/2013 9:41am

Saw the article! What a wonderful cause and I look forward to following and supporting you on your journey!

05/03/2013 5:06pm

Hi Zelly, Awesome to hear from you. Almost fell out of my chair. Thank you for your comment and your support!

05/09/2013 8:41pm

Hi Lynn I found you, lol The big day is coming up soon ,The journey your about to take is wonderful . We know that mental health can hit at any age,... just to say there is help out there ......

Have a wonderful journey.... Gilles L.

05/10/2013 4:00pm

Thank you Gilles. It is support like this that makes it all worthwhile!

Doug Harrison
05/30/2013 4:07am

Hi Lynn
Lynn I want to go to our local papers in Winchester and Chesterville
but I don't have a phone number where they can reach you, could you send it to me? great news about the RV well done Henry

05/30/2013 4:10am


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