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We are also waiting for Oakley and Victoria to arrive for an overnight visit at our camp site at Ivy Lea! Can't wait to see those two faces that I love so much. Every time a car pulls into the park my heart skips a beat!
I'm so excited.........Lynn

Another hot day in the sun walking from Gananoque to Ivy Lea. Today I had the company of Cheryl Lariviere, and it was nice to see a familiar face from home. Following the water can be so pleasant if you can block out the noise of the traffic. The past few days walking the Thousand Island Parkway people have stopped on the road to chat with me, some with stories of their own and some with words of encouragement. All very appreciated. I am getting very tired, and homesick but Rob and I are enjoying the whole experience together. We are one week away from that last stretch of road and I can't wait to see the Williamstown sign! 

One steamy day closer to home, and I think I melted a little today. Peggy and I spent a sauna like day on the hot pavement making our way into Kingston on Bath road. It was good to have the company especially today in the scorching heat as we walked and talked our way to our destination. Rob always there making sure we have plenty of water and nutrition. My body is achy and I feel so tired but I'm so close to the end........
9 days left until this journey is over,,,,,but there are so many more to complete!
xoxoxoxox.............   Lynn   ............xoxoxoxox   xo
I had the most wonderful day of rest, thanks to my amazing husband! A beautiful surprise for my mid -journey break. It felt so good to rest my feet and legs and my mind.
I will be back on the hot and steamy pavement tomorrow, heading back  Kingston way!
Talk later.........Lynn xo 
Rob here - from the driver's seat. It's a very hot day here in Picton. The weather is certainly cooperating as far as sun is concerned but I have to remember to keep the water going to Lynn! After a great visit last night, my sister-in-law, Jill and my niece Allie walked with Lynn this morning while my brother John, nephew Ben, Nigel and both dogs followed toward Picton. Geographically, today was the first time that Lynn has walked east - toward home. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger. Today was a short walking day before a scheduled day off. I decided awhile ago that my girl would need a treat and need to be pampered by about this time in her journey, so back in June, I booked us into the Claramount Inn here in Picton for 2 nights. (Check it out at Also, it's kind of an early anniversary gift because our 10th is on the day we get back to Williamstown. From where I sit, she is doing great - very tired at the end of the day, but good spirits and determined to finish this journey. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. Take care ............ Rob
Happy Saturday Everyone,
My walk was aired today on the Belleville radio station and I got warm reception from the people here as well. We are staying overnight at a campsite in the area and John and Jill Goodbun have met us here for an evening of relaxation! Our niece and nephew are also with us. (Allie and Ben). Tomorrow they will be walking with me to Picton! 
Always nice to share the walk!
Talk soon......................Lynn xo
Hello everyone,
Although fatigue has set in, today was a better day. My spirits were up and walking was good. Left Napanee heading for Shannonville and made it in good time. No tears today. My Aunt Peggy drove from Kingston, found me on the road, and walked with me the last 6 kilometers. My story and walk was announced on the Napanee radio station and people were looking for me offering thumbs up and even received donations on the road! An uplifting experience. I am more than halfway done walking and I am turning the corner and heading home.
A demain!  Je vous aimes! 

From Rob in the driver's seat:
Wow! Day 14 - We're halfway there ... halfway to accomplishing this goal and halfway to getting home. We had a great supper last night with our gracious hosts Kevin and Sheryl Fontaine. Lynn walked from Odessa to Napanee today along a busy highway 2. There were a few weak spots and a few tears but also some encouraging messages from the boys so spirits were picked up a little. We're looking forward to Nigel's visit tomorrow at our campsite south of Shannonville. We also had a very nice, impromptu visit from our neighbours the O'Farrell's this afternoon. They were on their way to visit relatives in Barrie. Always good to see familiar faces. 
Had a great day today. My Aunt Peggy joined me for the first 6 km of my walk. Peggy and uncle Jean-Guy treated us to a great supper and afterword Peggy gave me a luxurious massage. It started out looking like a rainy day, but as soon as we got to the starting point, the rain stopped and the walk went very well. We made it to Odessa and after a short break made our way to Sheryl and Kevin Fontaine's cottage just north of Odessa on Yarker Lake. Now, I'm off to Napanee via Old Highway 2.
Hurrah, I have made it to Kingston, my favorite city. I'm very pumped today  even though it was so hot walking I am starting to feel like I am getting somewhere! I now have a little over 300 km under my feet and the halfway mark is closer. Doing my best to advocate for this case. Putting pamphlets in mailboxes and talking to as many people as I can. I did have an idea if anyone would like to help out with the fundraising and would like to do a bake sale or something of that nature, it would surely be appreciated. Rob and I are staying overnight at my lovely Aunt Peggy and her husband Jean-Guy's house. Very comy accommodations. Tomorrow, after we stop in Odessa, we're spending the night parked at Sheryl and Kevin Fontaine's cottage. Talk to everyone tomorrow. .................... Lynn

Lynn's Walk