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A few of my thoughts:
I was overcome with emotion for my last few kilometers as familiar faces joined me and helped carry me through Williamstown's threshold. I never could have imagined such a reception and I was truly honored.
If I looked a little dazed, I was! Not quite sure what to do with all the attention, leaving me a bit speechless. I hope you all know how truly grateful I am that you embraced something that I felt passionate about and held it so close to your own hearts. I will never forget this experience. It is etched in my mind and on the last day, sealed with love and affection!
Thank you all for your donations to CMHA. Thank you Connie,Julie,my family,Susie and  children,Teri and everyone who walked with me to my door. Thank you D.J. for piping me into town. Thank you all for being there wating for me, and Mary, Thank you for your smile! Crystal for your enthusiasm and constant support, I love you!
I had the opportunity to speak with Father Thibault  (who sought me out) before I got to Lancaster. As we walked, we spoke (among many things) about the ripple effect that occurs when we do kind things for one another.  We all possess the power to make a difference, even when we may think something we do is insignificant. To someone else it may be hugely magnificent!
Finally: Thanks Oakley and Nigel for being my children, and I must say it is an honor to be your mother!
Mental Illness will always be rearing its ugly head to most of us and constantly be choosing other victims. If you are Ill, I urge you to get the help and support you need. 
If you know someone who may be suffering, please, reach out your hand!
It may be the hand that saves a life!
Forever yours xoxoxoxox




Marj Q
07/28/2013 3:36pm

Congrats Lynn welcome home .M.

Father Claude G Thibault
07/28/2013 5:31pm

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Lynn
You are an inspiration to so many of us. It was an honour and a privilege to seek you ought and to walk a few kilometers with you.
I'm so glad that you did it! Congratulations! May the next few days/weeks be a time to let it all sink in and may you have the strength, courage and hope to continue on your journey, letting the ripple effect take care of itself! Be good, gentle and understanding to yourself -- let yourself be loved! May we all remember that any journey starts with a single step. Welcome home! May God bless you abundantly!


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