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Hello Loyal followers, 
Today was very hot and sticky and I'm glad I managed to get my walking done in good time. It was difficult and at times very lonely on the road. We are at Seeley's Bay just north of Kingston. Overnight tonight we are staying at the United Church that Minister Don Stiles has offered us. He talked to his congregation on Sunday and let them know that I was passing through if they wanted to come and meet with me. I thought that was very nice of him. Meeting so many nice people who seem to appreciate my effort. 
I miss home so much. 
Rob misses home too.
Glad we have each other.   xo to all

07/08/2013 3:50pm

Hang on there guys! Your route is taking you through our old stomping grounds, which is pretty much in the boonies!Hope to track down, maybe this weekend if Kate & I go to visit family in Gan

Linda Myers
07/08/2013 7:17pm

Keep up the good walk. I admire your courage and tenacity for a cause that is also close to my heart. I am following the arrows on the map of your website and am blown away by the enormity of it all. Jon and I send encouraging thoughts and prayers as you and Rob continue your challenge "one step at a time". Linda


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