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From Rob in the driver's seat:
Wow! Day 14 - We're halfway there ... halfway to accomplishing this goal and halfway to getting home. We had a great supper last night with our gracious hosts Kevin and Sheryl Fontaine. Lynn walked from Odessa to Napanee today along a busy highway 2. There were a few weak spots and a few tears but also some encouraging messages from the boys so spirits were picked up a little. We're looking forward to Nigel's visit tomorrow at our campsite south of Shannonville. We also had a very nice, impromptu visit from our neighbours the O'Farrell's this afternoon. They were on their way to visit relatives in Barrie. Always good to see familiar faces. 

Dad and Mom
07/12/2013 4:07pm

Great to follow you guys! Keep up the great work. Good to hear from he drivers seat!! We leave tomorrow morning will keep in touch.Remember nobody said it would be easy!! D and M


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