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The eve of the last day:::
I'm trying to reflect on this most spectacular day and it is almost surreal, as my head is slightly spinning over the events that took place from this morning, to this evening.I started alone from Long Sault and shortly after two friends met with me (Danny, and Karen) and together we made our way onto Power Dam Rd., and into Cornwall.
From there, more friends joined in and the group of supporters started to grow! 
My friend  (Heather), my cousin (Diane) and it seemed like every turn there were more and more people. I was warmly greeted with welcome signs, handshakes, hugs etc, and I felt overwhelmed by the kindness around me. After 2 brief interviews with the Glenngarry News and The Standard Freeholder, I was presented with a gift, some flowers and a lovely lunch made by the members of Star Bright! 
Rob and I have our last overnight stay with the Lebrun family and I already feel like I am home, they have been so generous, and welcoming. I will truly know that I am home when I reach the arms of Oakley and Nigel! 
My final post may take me a couple days for I have to think about what I want to say, and I do have so much that I want to share. The past month is a short version of my lifelong struggle with Mental Illness. I turned it into an adventure and a challenge and am honored that you all have joined me and made me a part of your life. If I have changed one persons life, then I have been successful! 
See you tomorrow......................Gratefully yours,,,,Lynn...xoxoxoxo 


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