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An emotionally challenging start to this day. My head and my heart felt heavy at times, but aftera few texts with the boys and a phone call from Crystal, I was able to chip away the lead from my feet and continued. (Just a few breakdowns)  
I feel so blessed to be surrounded  by friends and family that support what I am doing. So much of this journey has been possible because of all of your encouragement and I am so grateful to you all.
I am so close to home and am more homesick than ever, but I will enjoy these last couple of days regardless. (Met a few friends on the road today and got some good hugs! (Thank you)( Denise, Karen) (Steve Guindon)
See you all very soon.
Always reach for the moon, you might catch a few stars on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Lynn xoxoxoxox


Lisa Anderson
07/24/2013 6:35pm

Well, Lynn 2 more days. It's nice the weather has cooled down a bit. I'm sure it will help your stamina to finish the amazing journey you and Rob have been on for the last month.
As I stood looking at the Terry Fox memorial, I thought of you and the wonderful difference you will make in more ways than you will ever know. Congratulations!
We will check your Blog on Fri. night and see that you both got home safely, exhausted and ready for a few well deserved days in your own bed!
Tell your Mom our thoughts are with her during her recovery.
We are all very proud of you.
We will talk soon.
Your friend, and sister in law, Lisa

David & Cheri
07/25/2013 2:57pm

Dear Lynn and Rob -- What a journey you have been on! We have been following your path each day on your blog. Your strength and commitment are awesome!! You are truly an inspiration! Our thoughts are with you both and prayers for your Mom & Dad!
David & Cheri


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