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From Morrisburg,
A curious observation today when I realized that I've walked passed hundreds of houses along the way and have yet to see any children outside playing! Where are they all? Also, all the rocking chairs on the porches are empty. I have been tempted on more than one occasion to just sit on one and laze away the afternoon but have refrained from doing so. I know there is one waiting for me at home. 
I had a surprise visit from a friend from Winchester with his daughter. They stopped along the road to say hi. Shortly after that another surprise from Dave Fisher who walked with me into Morrisburg and to our campsite for the night.
3 days away from home and it feels wonderful! This heat is melting me away!
Miss you all:::::::::::::::::(700 kilometers walked so far)


07/24/2013 3:03am

Way to go Lynn...Way to go Rob are almost home. Congratulations.


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