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Day 23, and I got to share my walk with my son Oakley and his lady, Victoria! It was wonderful. We did a nice 10 kilometer stroll together along a very busy 1000 Island Parkway.
Saying goodbye is always difficult whether I will see them again tomorrow or next week. I can never get enough precious time with my babies!
I'm sure Rob was in his glory to have another man around! We shared so many laughs together!
So off we go and tomorrow is a day of rest for me. Each day I am a little more tired, a little more sun kissed, but so much closer to home!
Bye for now later

Linda Myers
07/21/2013 11:36am

Today would be day 24 and it's cooler here in London - just back from a 5 km. bike ride. Hope you have cooler weather for the last leg of your journey. You will have lots of stories, lots of memories - thinking of you as you complete this last leg of the walk. You are amazing! Cheers, Linda


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