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Another hot day in the sun walking from Gananoque to Ivy Lea. Today I had the company of Cheryl Lariviere, and it was nice to see a familiar face from home. Following the water can be so pleasant if you can block out the noise of the traffic. The past few days walking the Thousand Island Parkway people have stopped on the road to chat with me, some with stories of their own and some with words of encouragement. All very appreciated. I am getting very tired, and homesick but Rob and I are enjoying the whole experience together. We are one week away from that last stretch of road and I can't wait to see the Williamstown sign! 


Louise (Ward) Veenstra
07/28/2013 3:35pm

Dear Lynn,
Congratulations on your success. You are an inspiration. I have followed your progress on line. I am Sylvia's first cousin who lives in Caledon. Once again, congrats.( I sent a donation online) Hi to Rob.


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