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One steamy day closer to home, and I think I melted a little today. Peggy and I spent a sauna like day on the hot pavement making our way into Kingston on Bath road. It was good to have the company especially today in the scorching heat as we walked and talked our way to our destination. Rob always there making sure we have plenty of water and nutrition. My body is achy and I feel so tired but I'm so close to the end........
9 days left until this journey is over,,,,,but there are so many more to complete!
xoxoxoxox.............   Lynn   ............xoxoxoxox   xo

Doug and Sylvia
07/19/2013 5:39am

Thinking of you from Roblin, Manitoba. We know it is hot down your way. Everyone is fine here. Look after yourself. We will be watching the blog. All the best


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