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Hello Friends,
Just to let you all know that the money raised through Lynn's Walk is now over $7000 and the donations are still coming in. Thank you all!
I was invited to speak later this month at the Cornwall Rotary Club. I am both nervous and excited. Will let you know how that goes. In the meantime, give a great big smile to someone you don't know, the reaction is awesome!
Maybe not my final blog yet....
I have many ideas rolling around in my head and I would like to continue supporting Mental Health Issues.
Donations can still be made to CMHA through this website or through me, (Lynn's Walk). My fundraising account will be left open!
I will be posting a more accurate calculation of money raised when I get together with the CMHA office.
On my last walking day I did receive more checks and cash!
Awesome! Thanks.! 
A few of my thoughts:
I was overcome with emotion for my last few kilometers as familiar faces joined me and helped carry me through Williamstown's threshold. I never could have imagined such a reception and I was truly honored.
If I looked a little dazed, I was! Not quite sure what to do with all the attention, leaving me a bit speechless. I hope you all know how truly grateful I am that you embraced something that I felt passionate about and held it so close to your own hearts. I will never forget this experience. It is etched in my mind and on the last day, sealed with love and affection!
Thank you all for your donations to CMHA. Thank you Connie,Julie,my family,Susie and  children,Teri and everyone who walked with me to my door. Thank you D.J. for piping me into town. Thank you all for being there wating for me, and Mary, Thank you for your smile! Crystal for your enthusiasm and constant support, I love you!
I had the opportunity to speak with Father Thibault  (who sought me out) before I got to Lancaster. As we walked, we spoke (among many things) about the ripple effect that occurs when we do kind things for one another.  We all possess the power to make a difference, even when we may think something we do is insignificant. To someone else it may be hugely magnificent!
Finally: Thanks Oakley and Nigel for being my children, and I must say it is an honor to be your mother!
Mental Illness will always be rearing its ugly head to most of us and constantly be choosing other victims. If you are Ill, I urge you to get the help and support you need. 
If you know someone who may be suffering, please, reach out your hand!
It may be the hand that saves a life!
Forever yours xoxoxoxox


The eve of the last day:::
I'm trying to reflect on this most spectacular day and it is almost surreal, as my head is slightly spinning over the events that took place from this morning, to this evening.I started alone from Long Sault and shortly after two friends met with me (Danny, and Karen) and together we made our way onto Power Dam Rd., and into Cornwall.
From there, more friends joined in and the group of supporters started to grow! 
My friend  (Heather), my cousin (Diane) and it seemed like every turn there were more and more people. I was warmly greeted with welcome signs, handshakes, hugs etc, and I felt overwhelmed by the kindness around me. After 2 brief interviews with the Glenngarry News and The Standard Freeholder, I was presented with a gift, some flowers and a lovely lunch made by the members of Star Bright! 
Rob and I have our last overnight stay with the Lebrun family and I already feel like I am home, they have been so generous, and welcoming. I will truly know that I am home when I reach the arms of Oakley and Nigel! 
My final post may take me a couple days for I have to think about what I want to say, and I do have so much that I want to share. The past month is a short version of my lifelong struggle with Mental Illness. I turned it into an adventure and a challenge and am honored that you all have joined me and made me a part of your life. If I have changed one persons life, then I have been successful! 
See you tomorrow......................Gratefully yours,,,,Lynn...xoxoxoxo 

An emotionally challenging start to this day. My head and my heart felt heavy at times, but aftera few texts with the boys and a phone call from Crystal, I was able to chip away the lead from my feet and continued. (Just a few breakdowns)  
I feel so blessed to be surrounded  by friends and family that support what I am doing. So much of this journey has been possible because of all of your encouragement and I am so grateful to you all.
I am so close to home and am more homesick than ever, but I will enjoy these last couple of days regardless. (Met a few friends on the road today and got some good hugs! (Thank you)( Denise, Karen) (Steve Guindon)
See you all very soon.
Always reach for the moon, you might catch a few stars on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Lynn xoxoxoxox

It is early morning and my hands are very shaky as I write, but I just feel that I need to share this new and different challenge that I have this week!
Sunday morning my father called, to let us know that a week ago today(Wednesday) my mother suffered a mild heart attack and is at the Jewish General recovering from double bypass surgery.! (Mom has never been physically sick, ever!)
She was very adamant that I was to finish my walk, so my family kept this news from me as long as they could!
Although she is the sweetest, softest soul ever, she has proven to be strong and courageous and is doing very well so far.
As frightened as I was when I spoke to my dad, I must match her strength and pour all of my energy into completing my journey, and making my way home to her! 
This is for you mommy! xoxoxox

From Morrisburg,
A curious observation today when I realized that I've walked passed hundreds of houses along the way and have yet to see any children outside playing! Where are they all? Also, all the rocking chairs on the porches are empty. I have been tempted on more than one occasion to just sit on one and laze away the afternoon but have refrained from doing so. I know there is one waiting for me at home. 
I had a surprise visit from a friend from Winchester with his daughter. They stopped along the road to say hi. Shortly after that another surprise from Dave Fisher who walked with me into Morrisburg and to our campsite for the night.
3 days away from home and it feels wonderful! This heat is melting me away!
Miss you all:::::::::::::::::(700 kilometers walked so far)

Back on the pavement again after a good day of rest! Making my way into Prescott today and very close to my destination for this day, I met a woman who had been following my post and my walk! Our previous contact having only been through facebook, it was so amazing to meet her in person. She was waiting for me to arrive at the edge of town. We had a brief chat that made us both feel good and brought tears to my eyes, which is not very difficult these days. We hugged and said goodbye. My spirits having been lifted, I had wings on my feet.
This is what makes it all worthwhile.
A demain.................................................................Lynn (4 days to go)  
Hi Everyone - Rob here .... from the driver's seat. 
We just had a great rest day at Craig and Lori Carlisle's cottage (again!). Very gracious hosts - good meals and good conversation with good friends - doesn't get much better than that. We were afraid that it might stay a little chilly like it was this morning, but my sunburn proves otherwise. A beautiful warm day on the dock watching the lake. Now, we're all ready for the "home stretch." Five more walking days, then we are back home. It has truly been a wonderful experience and I can't think of anyone that I would have rather shared it with. Tomorrow, we start in the Brockville area and make our way to Johnstown, going under the Ogdensburg bridge. We'll talk to you tomorrow from there. This last stretch is for Lynn's Mom. ......... Talk soon ............. Rob
Day 23, and I got to share my walk with my son Oakley and his lady, Victoria! It was wonderful. We did a nice 10 kilometer stroll together along a very busy 1000 Island Parkway.
Saying goodbye is always difficult whether I will see them again tomorrow or next week. I can never get enough precious time with my babies!
I'm sure Rob was in his glory to have another man around! We shared so many laughs together!
So off we go and tomorrow is a day of rest for me. Each day I am a little more tired, a little more sun kissed, but so much closer to home!
Bye for now later

Lynn's Walk